About Me

About Me

Born and raised in Delran, Tyler is truly the product of his hometown. During his youth, you could find Tyler playing AA baseball and club soccer, or fishing at Amico Island with friends after school. Perhaps instilled while earning the rank of Eagle Scout, Tyler realized early in life that he was determined to make a difference and support the greater good. His path was forged to give back to the community that had afforded him so much. 

Shortly after graduating from Delran High School, Tyler served as the founding Vice President of the Delran Education Foundation, a non-profit organization which raises money for innovative projects in Delran schools. He is also the liaison for the Delran Green Team, which helps make Delran a more sustainable community through education and various projects.

Tyler currently serves on the Recreation Advisory Committee, planning free events for the community. Most recently, Tyler was influential in developing and facilitating the Delran Winter Festival and Delran Night Out, which brought the first fireworks show to Delran after a nearly 20-year hiatus. These free events continue to break records, with crowds of over 2,000 residents celebrating their comradery with neighbors. 

In 2016, at the age of 19, Tyler was honored to be elected as Delran Councilman At-Large. Serving as one of the youngest Councilman in New Jersey, Tyler uses his age as an asset to bring a new perspective to the community and encourage other young people to become involved. 

During his term on Council, Tyler has pioneered transparency in Delran by leading the charge to incorporate Live Streaming all council meetings, creating the Township’s first-ever Facebook page, and updating the township website with a modern focus.

A Passion for Good 

After graduating with honors from Delran High School and earning his undergraduate degree in Business Management with

 Rowan University, Tyler decided to continue his education at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania.  After law school, Tyler plans to focus on civil rights litigation. 

Tyler is currently a law clerk for McOmber McOmber & Luber, P.C., in Marlton New Jersey. The firm primarly represents victims of workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. Additionally, Tyler is a volunteer researcher for the New Jersey Partners For Women and Justice, which offers free legal assistance to survivors of domestic violence. A staunch supporter of civil rights, feminism, and justice, Tyler hopes to further his career by representing these victims and giving them a voice. 

Accomplished Leader & Youth Advocate

Tyler’s success in building a stronger and diverse community has been widely recognized, as he earned a place on NJ Insider’s Millennials To Watch List in 2018, 2019, & 2020. He also earned the description of “30 Under 30 Trendsetters” by SNJ Millennials – an award honoring those who have committed to serving their communities.

Tyler is an advocate for youth in government. In an interview with the Delran Sun, Tyler argues for greater youth engagement in our nation’s issues:

For the youth that want to get involved, I would say that we are under-represented. We need our voice in the conversation. I encourage the youth to get involved, whether it’s in the council or a grassroots organization, get involved. It’s amazing what you’ll hear. Also, you can’t be scared to get involved. You have to use that fear as fuel and just jump in and make it happen.